Bromcolor studio demo

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I was lucky to go on a lighting demonstration on Saturday at Clifton Cameras showcasing the new range of Bromcolor lights. Bromcolor is an interesting company that uses some unique technology to solve some very specific needs. If you are looking to freeze high speed action or fire busts of flash to get the graceful flowing multi exposure image then I would defiantly consider them. But whether they make that much of a difference in comparison to the Elinchrom lights that I already own I am not so sure. However, it is always good to look and see what is out there even if you are not looking for any to add to the equipment list. But foremost in the mind was to see what I could learn from another photographer and see their approach and how that could enhance my future photography.

Now on recent projects the technical and complex has crept in to my work. This has then focused on the “how to do this” and not necessarily the why and has sacrificed some of the freedom and flexibility of shooting simple as you juggle many elements to achieve the desired effect. Going to this demonstration I found once again that simple is indeed beautiful. 2 lights used well is always affective to create that beauty headshot that catches the eye.

So using one main light with a beauty dish modifier with reflector adding some fill and a second tightly controlled gridded hair light set at the same aperture the image was taken. I really think it is affective and works.

D810 50mm F3.5 ISO64

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