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Well there is nothing like the strange looks you get from a model when you turn up to a shoot with a white bucket and claiming the words, “Trust me”. Lucky there was enough trust and quick words of convincing we were ready to go and create this image. This was one of the ideas that I had for a while that was burning in the back of my mind but I wanted to do it with the right person, in the right location and get it right.

The things that were so important to me was the right location and background and the managed woodland with the evenly spaced trees and carpet of wild garlic was the perfect setting. With the location found time was taken to consider the lighting, I wanted to partly separate the model from the background while adding a drama. This was done by using a rim light placed directly behind the model. This has to be done accurately as you don’t want to get direct flash, just the affect around the model. I then added a little fill flash to lift the exposure and add more flattering light as by the time of the shoot the sun was quite high in the sky. The fill was a single light with a wide reflector, this was just off to the right of the image. I shot as the clouds passed overhead I was able then to open up the aperture and create a defused background while keeping the model nice and sharp and balance the exposure of the flash and natural light. Lastly I was helped by my able assistant to add and move the smoke while shooting.

When home I started looking through the images and selected many different versions to consider for the final selection. Multiple images were chosen to create the finished image,  2 stand out images as a starting point, one was the main image and the other was used for the face and head as the angle and the tilt was better. In Lightroom I used a number of filters to adjust the exposure, colour and clarity of areas of the image. These then were imported into Photoshop and blended together, once again I used a number of layers to lighten and darken areas of the image and overlaid solid colours to create further haze and smoke. The overall edit was about 90 minute with a lot of time just considering and experimenting with ideas and versions.

With the editing finished I took the image back into Lightroom to do the final colourisation and editing. Six different images where created with different affects applied and the rust version with extra clarity was selected as the final version you see here.

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