A touch of red

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Well sometime you get to work with great people just by happy coincidence and create some winning images (well 3rd) without too much planning and realising that set subject was a “A touch of red” for the next competition. So I was lucky enough to call into a local studio for an open studio afternoon which happened to be the day before valentines and the theme was Red so things were looking hopeful and promising.
So armed with my camera, a 50mm and 85mm prime and a stolen bottle of perfume from my beautiful partner’s dresser I set of. Now for me I always like to pre-visualise my images and my idea and hope was fashion, editorial, commercial style image with a beauty magazine feel. So with this in mind I started the hour drive and continued to formulate and develop my ideas from images I had previously seen and not to forget to take in the view as I cross over the New Severn Crossing.
So after the introductions at a very busy event I started to discuss the idea that I had with a very new face Carley, this was her very first shoot and a little overwhelmed. You could say this was for her going feet first into the deep end, but she was confident and really liked the idea and wanted to go for it. So with a few tweaks to the lighting, very little direction and 20 minutes my set was done and that was all it took.
The post processing was a simple matter of enhancing the colours, smoothing some to shadows and adding graphics and vignettes. Thank you Carley, you were excellent for a first time model.

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